The ACA Master credit card is free and exclusively for members of the Automobile Club of Andorra that entitles them to unbeatable discounts in and out of Andorra.


The ACA Master is totally free of charge.

With any bank

If you do not have an account at Crèdit Andorrà, you can arrange for your ACA Master payments to be made by direct debit at any bank in the country.


Deferred interest-free payment at the end of the month.

Daily and monthly limit

If you are a Crèdit Andorrà customer you will be extended a daily limit of 1,500 euros and a monthly limit of 3,000 euros. However, if you pay by direct debit at another bank, the limit will be lower.

Approval for this card is subject to the bank's risk criteria.


Security. You benefit from the most complete protection against fraudulent use available in the market.

Discounts and advantages

A wide range of discounts on petrol, leisure and culture, vehicles, travel... if you pay with your ACA Master card. You will enjoy all of the advantages of belonging to the ACA club. See them here.

How to join the Automobile Club of Andorra

To obtain the ACA Master card and enjoy all of its benefits, you have to become a member of the Automobile Club of Andorra (ACA). How to become a member:

  • Fill in the ACA membership application form.
  • When you have completed it, state that you would like an ACA Master card.
  • Crèdit Andorrà will then contact you to complete all of the paperwork required.
Crèdit Wallet

If you pay your ACA Master card by direct debit at Crèdit Andorrà, you can also pay using your mobile.

  • Download the Crèdit Wallet app (available for Android only).
  • Log in using your e-crèdit account username and password.
  • Unlock your mobile and hold it over the card reader (it must accept contactless payments).

Quick. Easy. Secure.

Totally secure

To enjoy the peace of mind of operating with maximum security.

Chip embedded in card

To reduce the possibility of fraud and identity theft.

SMSCrèdit anti-fraud alert service

Free service to reduce the possibility of fraud and identity theft.

Contactless payments

A totally secure payment system that saves you time whenever you make payments.