Accident insurance for travel covers fatal accidents or those causing disability for the card holder on public transport paid for with a Crèdit Andorrà card.

The insurer pays out compensation of between 90,000 euros and 1,200,000 euros depending on the kind of card contracted.

  • Compensation for fatal accidents or disability occurring on public transport paid for with any card issued by Crèdit Andorrà. Insured capital:

                  - Clau Maestro / Visa Electron: 90,000 euros.

                  - Clau Visa Clàssic / Clau Visa Unicef: 600,000 euros. 

                  - Clau Mastercard / ACA Master: 600,000 euros.

                  - Visa Premier: 600,000 euros. 

                  - Visa Platinum: 1,200,000 euros.

  • Reimbursement of the amount equivalent to the total amount of bills charged to the card’s account for purchases made during the twelve months prior to the date of the accident. Maximum amount:

                  - Clau Maestro / Visa Electron: 6,000 euros. 

                  - Other cards: 12,000 euros.


Product contracted with CA Vida Assegurances, SA.
  • In order to claim compensation for an accident, it is necessary to have bought the public transport ticket with a Crèdit Andorrà card, and for the affected party to be the titleholder of the card or a third person for whom the cardholder has bought the ticket using the card.
  • The insured parties or beneficiaries must communicate the accident(s) to Crèdit Andorrà SA within a maximum of 15 days as of the date when they knew of the accident, and must inform about all the known circumstances regarding the accident by submitting the documents that Crèdit Andorrà requests of them in each case.