Crèdit Andorrà gives you the opportunity to process your payments in an easy and convenient way by issuing bank cheques, or by enclosing a personal cheque with your invoices. 

Business owners residing in Andorra can use bank cheques to process their payments with Crèdit Andorrà’s guarantee.

  • A guarantee of payment for your suppliers.
  • The solvency and reliability of Crèdit Andorrà to back up your commitments to your suppliers.
  • The ability to make payments anywhere in the world with Crèdit Andorrà’s guarantee

Any Andorran business can use a chequebook guaranteed and issued by Crèdit Andorrà, allowing them to issue cheques that are associated with the corresponding invoices.

  • More control. Improve your invoice management by associating your invoices with cheques.
  • Corporate image. The cheques are printed with your business logotype.