Crèdit Confirming is a service made available by Crèdit Andorrà to your company to manage its payments to suppliers and provide a payment guarantee in the event of default. 

This service provides financing options for your purchases while offering the possibility of advance payment of your suppliers’ invoices, thus providing them with an external source of financing which is independent from their bank.

This service is available to Andorran companies that handle a significant volume of invoices for national and/or international suppliers and who wish to benefit from its main features:

  • Convey an image of professionalism and rigour to your suppliers as payments are “guaranteed” by Crèdit Andorrà.
  • Avoid the costs of issuing promissory notes and cheques or processing bills of exchange.
  • Avoid incidents related to direct debit payments.
  • The client can choose whether to make the payment or not in accordance with their needs.
  • Save on administrative costs.
  • Transfer your suppliers’ calls to Crèdit Andorrà to ensure full payment traceability.
  • A negotiation tool with suppliers.
  • small fee is charged if the supplier requests advance payment of the invoice.

With this simple system:

  • You can order payment of an invoice via our online banking service, e-Crèdit.
  • We will provide your suppliers with details of outstanding invoices with their respective maturity dates (dates on which the transfers will be made).
  • We will offer your suppliers the opportunity to receive an advance payment for their invoices (optional).

Your suppliers will also benefit:

  • They will receive the full amount of the invoice after deducting interest and fees, thus eliminating the risk of default.
  • They will have access to an unlimited credit line without using up their own credit facilities.
  • They will save on costs and facilitate their own administrative and payment collection processes.
  • A cash flow management tool.