The Crèdit Cotxe Verd is a consumer loan linked to the Engega programme run by the Government of Andorra and which is aimed at the purchase of electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles. 

  • Available for anyone aged over 18 who is looking to purchase an electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicle.
  • Fixed interest rate: + 3% (3.67% APR*).
  • Maximum loan amount: 80% of the purchase price of the car.
  • Maximum loan term: 5 years with loan repayments that are adjusted to your monthly income.
  • Mandatory: your salary must be paid directly into a Crèdit Andorrà account and you must take out Crèditvida Finançament cover, a life insurance policy that covers the balance of your Crèdit Cotxe Verd loan.
  • The terms and conditions of the loan are tied exclusively to the Engega Plan of the Government of Andorra.

*APR calculated for amounts upwards of €4,000.

  • The Engega Plan is a programme run by the Government of Andorra with the participation of local councils, the FEDA, electricity distributors, the Andorra Automobile Club and the Vehicle Importers Association.

If you already own a car, then the following products could be of interest to you:

  • Discounts on petrol by paying with our cards.
  • If you want to avoid having to queue and stop at motorway tolls, apply for the VIA-T with Crèdit Andorrà and enjoy the road!
  • With the Nòminamiga you will benefit from an additional discount of up to 10% on your car insurance. You can consult the terms & conditions of this offer in our branches or ask your personal manager for details.