Crèdit Ràpid is a type of financing option that allows you to purchase low-cost consumer items up to 5,000 euros.

This financing can be applied for directly in the store for the purchase of products in excess of 300 euros. At the customer’s request, the store will call the bank and within 15 minutes the bank will inform them as to whether the loan has been approved or not for the requested purchase.

This type of financing is ideal to encourage your customers to buy more. To offer it, you need to sign a partnership agreement with the bank and display the product’s logo at your points of sale.

More than 350 shops in Andorra already offer this service in a variety of sectors including IT, sports, travel agencies, furniture and electrical appliances.

  • Immediate credit: apply for the Crèdit Ràpid in the store in which you are making your purchase.
  • Convenient: no need to go to the bank, all you have to do is call the shop owner (from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm) to request approval for the financing.
  • Quick: Crèdit Andorrà will reply within a few minutes and the shop owner will complete the contract so that you can purchase the product.