Crèdit Wallet. ¿Llevas el móvil?  ¡Llevas dinero!

With Crèdit Wallet, if you have your phone, you have money!

Because paying with your phone means that cash, credit cards and wallets are a thing of the past.

Where can I pay with my phone?

You can pay in any establishment in 3 simple steps!!

Simply verify that the POS terminal of the establishment has contactless technology and that your phone has an NFC connection.

Here's how:

Unlock the phone and hold it near the payment terminal

Turn on your phone's screen when you're ready to make the purchase, and place it on the payment terminal.

You are only required to enter your PIN number for purchases over €20

Payments less than €20 are charged directly, and just like with a credit card, you will be required to enter your PIN number into the payment terminal for purchases over €20.

The payment has been made!

The mobile payment has already been made! You will receive automatic notification of payment via text.

How can I activate mobile payments?
  • Sign into the Crèdit Wallet app with your e-Crèdit credentials and choose that card that you want to activate for paying with your smartphone.
  • Click to accept the app's terms and conditions.
  • Enter the confirmation code you receive by text message and click OK.

You can now use your phone to pay for your purchases!