The CrèditPla Estudiant Dinàmic allows you to save gradually over the years in order to pay for the potential expenses that you will face for your children’s education.

This plan is designed for people who want to take out a savings plan to help prepare the future of their children, nephews and nieces, grandchildren or the minors in their care.

It is also designed for those who want to achieve the best possible return on their savings. When taking out the plan, the product takes account of the child’s age in order to achieve the best possible return at any given time.

*Product taken out with Crèdit Assegurances, SAU

  • Build up your savings by making comfortable regular or one-off payments.
  • This plan offers great flexibility as you can adjust, change or suspend your regular payments at any time.
  • If necessary, you can withdraw your savings.
  • In addition, you can take out additional life insurance that will pay out the full (expected) sum to the beneficiaries upon maturity of the policy in the event of death or disability of the insured person (legal guardian).
  • The plan will not mature until the child reaches the age of 18. Upon maturity of the plan, the capital will be paid out in full in a single payment. This sum can then be transformed into income payments or a combination of capital and income if the client so wishes.