The CrèditPla Jubilació Assegurat is a retirement plan that allows you to save gradually for your retirement so you can maintain a similar standard of living to the one you had previously. 

This plan, which is designed for people who wish to save with complete peace of mind, offers you the opportunity to earn extra income in addition to the pension you will receive from CASS, so that you can enjoy the type of retirement you want without unforeseen complications and with a guaranteed annual income.

  • With this plan, you can build up your savings through regular (monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual) or one-off payments (minimum of €100).
  • This plan offers great flexibility as you can adjust, change or suspend your regular payments at any time.
  • In addition, you can take out additional life insurance policies that will pay out the full insured sum to the beneficiaries upon maturity of the policy in the event of the death or disability of the insured person (legal guardian).

*Product taken out with Crèdit Assegurances, SAU.

  • Capital preservation. Your savings are guaranteed in full upon maturity (capital guarantee upon maturity of the product).Performance is determined with maximum transparency.
  • We offer a guaranteed net annual interest rate (net of fees and expenses). You will be notified of the interest rate at the beginning of each year, with performance determined annually in accordance with market developments.
  • The first withdrawal can be made once a period of two years has elapsed since the plan was taken out.
  • The first withdrawal can be made once a period of two years has elapsed since the plan was taken out.From the second year and up to 2 years before maturity, you can withdraw all or part of your capital (minimum of €300), subject to a penalty of 1% on the amount withdrawn. In this case, however, your capital is not guaranteed.
  • In the 5 years preceding maturity, the withdrawn amount will not be subject to any penalty.
  • Exceptionally, you can withdraw your money in any of the following cases:

- If you are unemployed for more than 6 consecutive months.
- If the plan holder, their partner or any of their children becomes seriously ill.
- If you leave the country.

  • Capital is not guaranteed if you withdraw the funds of your own accord.
  • The plan guarantees a lump sum comprising the payments made to the plan plus the compound interest earned each year.
  • Upon maturity of the plan, the capital will be paid out in full in a single payment. At the client’s choice, this lump sum can then be transformed into a life annuity for a specified number of years or until death, or a combination of these two options.