The CrèditPla Pensions Assegurat is a pension plan for people who wish to save with complete peace of mind so that they can obtain a guaranteed annual income and thus build up capital for their retirement.

This product has been designed for your retirement. It has been adapted to comply with laws on personal income tax. Thus, the CrèditPla Pensions Assegurat will not only help you to gradually save up for your retirement so that you can maintain the same standard of living to which you were accustomed during your working life, but also to deduct the contributions you make every year.

This pension plan will help you obtain additional income to the pension paid by the Andorran social security system (CASS) so that you can enjoy the retirement you have dreamt of without unpleasant surprises.

  • This plan enables you to build up your savings through regular (monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual) or one-off payments (minimum of €100).
  • It is extremely flexible in terms of adjusting, modifying or stopping your regular payments.
  • €The plan is covered by life insurance that in the event of your death will pay out the balance of your policy to your beneficiaries, plus 5% (up to a maximum of €600).

*Product taken out with Crèdit Assegurances, SAU.

  • €Capital preservation. Your savings are guaranteed in full upon maturity.*
  • Performance** is determined with maximum transparency. This product pays out a guaranteed NET annual interest rate (net of fees and expenses). You will be notified of the product's interest rate at the beginning of each year and it will try to beat inflation. 

* Capital guarantee upon maturity of the product.

 ** Returns will be calculated annually according to the performance of markets.

As a non-cash product, withdrawals may not be made until its maturity, with the exception of the following cases:

  • If the insured is unemployed for more than 24 months running.
  • If the insured suffers a serious illness (medical leave for more than 12 months).
  • If the insured changes tax residence to another country

The plan guarantees a lump sum comprising the payments made to the plan plus the compound interest earned each year. Upon maturity, the insured may decide how to receive the money from the pension plan:

  • Lump sum paid upon retirement.
  • Income in the amount decided on by the insured upon maturity.
  • Combination of a lump sum and income.