Crèditvida Integral is an innovative life insurance policy which, in addition to providing cover for death or total and permanent disability, offers cover for prevention of cancer and cardiovascular events. 

At Crèdit Andorrà we are committed to helping our clients enjoy a comfortable and healthy life for as many years as possible in the company of their loved ones. This is why we offer you the Crèditvida Integral, a life insurance policy that provides you with maximum security and peace of mind as you and your family are covered against any unforeseen circumstances, as well as offering prevention for the most common risks.

  • This policy is designed for people between the age of 18 and 55 (inclusive) who are concerned about the future of their loved ones.
  • It includes prevention services for early detection of diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular events at no additional cost
  • And because we know saving is more important than spending, the insurance policy will automatically return 25% of the premiums paid from the date that the policy was taken out until the insured person reaches the age of 65.
*Product contracted with CA Vida Assegurances, SA.

The insurance policy includes the following services at no extra cost for the insured person, in order to help them detect serious diseases in time, such as cancer (tumour screening) and cardiovascular events (cardiocoach). The results of these tests are fully confidential and only the insured person will have access to them.

Tumour screening consists in performing a specific blood test for various tumour markers (this service is only available to the insured person).

  • €   For men: Lung, colon, liver and prostate.
  • €   For women: Lung, colon, liver and breasts.

The cardiocoach involves drawing up a cardiovascular risk profile for the insured person with the help of a specialised medical team.

  • This service is supplemented with medical advice regarding any heart-related problem, with a view to preventing cardiovascular risks.
  • By accessing a web portal, the insured person can obtain information about their cardiovascular risk profile and they also have the option to receive medical advice over the telephone.
  • This is a personal insurance policy.
  • The insured person may choose between different sums of capital insured:


  • The existence of other life insurance policies will not affect the lump sum paid out by the Crèditvida Integral insurance policy.
  • In the event of death or disability, the insurer will pay the lump sum to the Crèdit Andorrà account opened by the beneficiary stated in the policy.
  • In the event of total and permanent disability of the insured person, the beneficiary will be the insured person himself.