Crèditvida Previsió is a form of life insurance which, as well as paying out specific compensation in the event of death, provides a wide range of funeral services for the insured party and their relatives.

If you live in Andorra and are aged under 65, you can take out this cover and benefit from the advantages of Crèditvida Previsió. Once taken out, the insurance policy maintains its cover until the death of the insured person.

  • A wide range of funeral services. Both the insured person and their beneficiaries will be attended to at all times.
  • All administrative formalities and procedures and the whole funeral process will be dealt with by qualified professionals.
  • In addition, you can benefit from a 10% discount on the premium during the first 6 months of the policy simply by having your salary paid directly into your account.

Crèdit Andorrà’s insurance products are underwritten by CA Vida Assegurances, SA.

  • In the event of death, the insured sum is 6,500 euros.
  • In any event, the insurance also includes the payment of funeral costs up to a maximum limit of 4,500 euros. If the expenses incurred are lower than the insured limit, the surplus will be paid in cash to the beneficiaries.
  • From the date of this policy being taken out, this 4,500 euro limit will be increased by 2.75% annually.
  • The insurance will cover repatriation costs both from a foreign country to Andorra and from Andorra to the insured person’s country of origin.

At an additional premium cost, you can take out other guarantees that cover death caused by an accident:

  • An additional 6,500 euros (for a total of 13,000 euros when added to the basic policy pay-out) if the insured person dies due to an accident.
  • An additional 13,000 euros (for a total of 19,500 euros when added to the basic policy pay-out) if the insured person dies due to a road traffic accident.
  • An additional 19,500 euros (for a total of 26,000 euros when added to the basic policy pay-out) if both the insured person and their spouse die together in a road traffic accident.
  • In the event of a claim, the relatives and/or beneficiaries of the insured person can call the funeral company, Pompes Fúnebres de les Valls, on +376 86 66 32 (24 h). You will need to identify yourself as a relative and/or beneficiary of the deceased person insured with Crèdit Andorrà.
  • If you use the funeral services of another company, to receive compensation you will need to submit the corresponding invoices and death certificates.
  • Repatriation of the deceased insured person outside the territory of the EU, except for North African countries (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia), will only be possible once the deceased has been cremated.