The Cybertargeta prepayment card from Crèdit Andorrà is free of charge and allows holders to make purchases online in the most convenient and secure manner.

Any Crèdit Andorrà client who has registered for the e-Crèdit online banking service can apply for this product and start purchasing online in a secure fashion.

  • Valid only for purchases made over the internet or by telephone.
  • Maximum top-up limit of 5,000 euros, and maximum top-up of 2,000 euros per operation.
  • Mastercard type card.
  • More secure.
  • In the event of fraud, only the funds available on the card can be spent.
  • The maximum limit for online purchases is the balance available on the card.
  • The card is available through the e-Crèdit online banking service, where you can also find all the card details, including the number, the expiry date and the balance.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about losing the card since it has no physical existence.