Nou e-Crèdit. El món canvia i nosaltres també

e-Crèdit, your online bank

You can manage your personal finances from any location and at any time.

+ features

You can do your everyday banking (view your account and card movements, make transfers, access your correspondence, download receipts, etc.) and monitor your investments through “My portfolio” and “Crèdit Broker”.

+ security

You can confidently carry out your banking transactions in a secure environment using our Secure Electronic Commerce, Cybercard and SMSCrèdit Alert services.

+ communication

You can use the “My account manager” channel to communicate and exchange documents with your trusted account manager in your branch.

+ customisable

A more visual and multidevice interface to ensure your needs are met.

Crèdit Broker

Our new market portal allows you to invest in shares and investment funds in an easy, visual and user-friendly way.

  • With information on more than 500 stocks in the Spanish, European and US markets.
  • Complete your transactions from any online device or via the e-Crèdit application.
  • Buy/sell stocks by placing advanced orders (simple, limited, stop loss, etc.).
  • Favourites. Create your own list of preferred securities and funds (both domestic and international).
  • Receive specialised information about technical and fundamental analysis.
My account manager

You can maintain a closer and easier relationship with your account manager without having to visit your branch.

All you need to do is log in to e-Crèdit from your computer or mobile device; once you have logged in, under “My account manager” you can exchange messages with your account manager and send them all kinds of documents in a secure and confidential way.

To learn more about how the “My account manager” tool works, please check our FAQs here.

A fully secure service

Enjoy the peace of mind of banking easily and securely via your online banking account.

Unique and non-transferable log-in details

This ensures that the transactions you complete via your online banking account are secure.

Data protection

Our security system prevents any manipulation of data or potential fraud.

SSL Protocol (Secure Socket Layer)

This activates when you log into your online bank account to establish an encrypted and secure connection.

Mobile e-Crèdit

You can now download the Crèdit Andorrà app for your online banking and for easy access to the bank’s information.

Download it now: