The Crèdit Andorrà Foreign Investment Unit, located at Crèdit Andorrà's head office, is the partner you need if you are a business owner and intend to set up business in Andorra. This is a dedicated unit that works exclusively to provide services and support in the processes that these companies may require.

This service has experts with a great deal of experience in responding to any situation that may arise.

A bank that provides you with:

  • A sound banking group, with an exceptional international track record.
  • A leading insurance group in the Principality of Andorra.
  • Specialised and highly qualified managers.
  • Flexible banking. 
  • A wide range of banking services:

- Online banking service
- Payment of payrolls and bills by direct debit
- A 24-h card for paying in and exchanging cash (free)
- CASS payments and collections
- Handling of cheques and transfers
- Confirming service
- POS terminal, both desktop and virtual
- Private banking services that put the company’s surplus resources to work.
- Guarantors and guarantees for obligations to third parties.

In order to start up a business, it will need a number of banking services adapted to its needs, amongst which is the opening of an account. The experts at Crèdit Andorrà's Foreign Investment Service have extensive knowledge for carrying out all of the processes required for opening an account of this type.

In order to open an account for companies in the process of incorporation, the owner of the company must provide the Foreign Investment Unit with the necessary documentation (via email to or by submitting it in person at Crèdit Andorrà's head office).