Ensure your payments with the worldwide guarantee of Crèdit Andorrà. Your company can use an exchange rate or interest rate hedging facility, allowing you to pay your suppliers with full security for your business.

documentary credit is an efficient payment method used for imports, by which Crèdit Andorrà issues the buyer with a commitment to pay the seller (the exporter) the amount specified on the document, provided that the applicable terms and conditions are met. Discover the benefits of this product:

  • More security for your international commercial transactions.
  • You can initiate a business relationship with new international suppliers with complete confidence and peace of mind, even if neither the seller nor the buyer have any experience of the other party’s solvency and reliability.
  • It makes it easier to obtain financing for your purchases.
  • It offers both a collection and a payment guarantee.

Currency hedging is a way to ensure your receipts and payments. With this method, Crèdit Andorrà guarantees transactions conducted in foreign currencies in order to avoid the risk of exchange rate fluctuations during the period between the order being placed and the final transaction being completed.

Import and export companies that conduct transactions in foreign currencies can benefit from currency hedging, as can companies which are financed on credit denominated in foreign currencies. Discover the benefits of this service:

  • It eliminates the uncertainty related to international commercial transactions completed in foreign currencies.
  • It is easy to sign up to and use.
  • It enables you to establish the cost of a commercial transaction in advance.