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Línia Directa Crèdit is the telephone banking service of Crèdit Andorrà. This service offers immediate telephone assistance, from Monday to Friday between 8.45am and 6pm without interruption.

Our clients can call the Línia Directa Crèdit helpline to check their accounts and carry out transactions easily, quickly and securely, without having to go to their local branch. A specialist relationship manager will answer their queries and assist them with their transactions. This is a useful service for clients who need to maintain constant contact with the bank.

Access to transactions via other channels.

  • A personalised and professional service. A specialist relationship manager will assist you immediately.
  • Extensive opening hours. Our extensive opening times (from 8.45am to 6pm from Monday to Friday without interruption) give our clients the opportunity to access the bank when our offices are closed.
  • Secure and easy access to the service. We provide our clients with a single contract and a unique key card or other advanced devices, so that they can access both e-Crèdit and Línia Directa Crèdit easily.
  • Convenient, quick and simple. By simply using a landline or mobile phone, our clients can instantly talk to a personal manager.
  • Free of charge. In order to use this service, our clients should contact their local Crèdit Andorrà branch, where they will be provided with a key card or other devices that will allow them to use both our telephone banking service and our internet banking service. Registering for these services is free of charge.

Managing the accounts associated with your contract

  • View your card transactions.
  • Apply for a debit card.


  • View your card transactions.
  • Apply for a debit card.

Fixed-term deposits, savings plans and retirement plans

  • View details of your plans (maturity, amount, interest rate, etc.).
  • Renew or pay lump sums to your plan.
  • Information on account movements related to your insurance products.

Mortgages, loans and credit lines

  • View details of your loans (maturity, repayment amount, interest rate, outstanding capital, etc.).
  • Make early repayments.


  • Access to market information (share prices, indices, currencies, interest rate, etc.).
  • Consult your own portfolio.
  • Purchase and/or sale of currencies, stocks, funds and other investment products.

Complementary e-Crèdit operations

  • Orders that require additional procedures with one of our managers.
  • View your remittances.