Crèdit Andorrà offers many advantages when you open a Nòminamiga account in our branch offices. You will enjoy discounts on insurance products, more favourable terms on loans, and many more advantages. 

The Nòminamiga account does not include any account maintenance or management fees. In addition, you can change your direct debit details for free and receive an advance of up to one month’s salary for unforeseen expenses or other costs, provided you have paid your salary into your Crèdit Andorrà account for more than 3 months.

Benefit from the best discounts available on our insurance policies:

  • 10% discount when you take out a home insurance policy with Financera d’Assegurances for your home in Andorra, or with ERM Espanya if you live in Spain. This discount will be renewed every year that you pay your salary into a Crèdit Andorrà account.
  • Free school insurance for your children, provided you have taken out car insurance and home insurance with Financera d’Assegurances.
  • 10% discount on health insurance policies PIAM, Crèditsalut, Crèditsalut Hospitalizació, Crèditbaixa or Crèditvida Previsió for the first six months.
  • 10% discount if you take out a new car insurance policy with Financera d’Assegurances:

 - If you transfer your policy from another company to Financera d’Assegurances, you will maintain your current no-claims bonus plus an extra 10% on the rates charged by Financera d’Assegurances, with a maximum discount of 50%.

- If you hold an insurance policy with another company and you take out a new policy with Financera d’Assegurances, you will also benefit from the extra discount specified above.

- You will be provided with a replacement vehicle if you have fully comprehensive insurance and your car is stolen or is undergoing repairs due to an accident. If you hold third-party insurance and you are the injured party in a claim, you will also be provided with a replacement vehicle.

  • These benefits are available as long as you pay your salary into a Crèdit Andorrà account.