This method of payment saves you having to queue and stop at motorway tolls.

  • Through a small device that can be easily installed in your vehicle, you can start enjoying this service and its benefits from day 1.
  • Valid for motorways in Spain, Portugal, and also in France. 
  • Monthly detailed statement (place, date and time of payment) of all toll payments made using the VIA-T.
  • Payments are debited on the last day of the month.
  • A single registration fee of €60 applies for the acquisition of the transmitter device, which must be renewed every 5 years.
  • Annual maintenance fee of €30.

For more information about the motorways that accept the VIA-T card, log on to

  • User-friendly payment system, as you won’t have to stop your vehicle or collect any tickets at the toll gates in Spain, Portugal, or France.
  • No queues as you can use the exclusive lanes for VIA-T card holders.
  • Security. The fraudulent use of cards often involves copying the magnetic strip of the card at the time of making payment. The VIA-T card ensures holders will not suffer this kind of fraud.
  • If a client has several vehicles, they can use the same VIA-T for all of them.