Still queuing?


VIA-T is a device that allows you to pay at toll gates in Spain, France and Portugal without stopping. In addition, you will enjoy exclusive discounts.





Get your free VIA-T device* and save yourself more than queues!

Convenient and without queuing

With exclusive lanes and without stopping at toll gates in Spain, France and Portugal.


Enjoy discounts at a large network of car parks, petrol stations and motorway toll gates.

For more information about all VIA-T discounts, go to

Detailed statement

Each month you can see a detailed statement (place, date and time) for all payments made with your VIA-T.

One VIA-T for all vehicles

You can use the same VIA-T for different vehicles.

*For clients with a salary or pension paid directly into a Crèdit Andorrà account (minimum €600) or with an ACA Mastercard linked to an account at Crèdit Andorrà. Only one free VIA-T device per client. This promotion covers the cost of the device. The annual maintenance charge is €20.