Crèdit Andorrà’s Targeta 24 h card is the ideal solution for business owners who need to pay in or exchange money at any time of the day in a simple, quick and secure manner. 

With this card you can use Crèdit Andorrà’s ATMs. Click here to find the location of our extensive network of 24 h ATMs.

  • It does not expire and does not contain any of your account details in order to safeguard your security.
  • There are no fees whatsoever. With this card, you can use the cash deposit machine to pay in notes and coins at any time of the day, easily, quickly and securely. You can also use the 24-hour foreign currency cash machine, which allows you to exchange notes and coins (euros) for €5 and €10 notes and rolls of coins in different currencies.
  • A helpline is available 24 hours a day (+376 88 87 00) should you require any assistance or need to deal with an incident.


Apply for this card at your local branch and start enjoying all the benefits that if offers.