If you are a resident of Andorra and make a purchase abroad*, at Crèdit Andorrà we help you manage the recovery of taxes billed.


In addition, we offer a wide range of Crèdit Andorrà cards, both debit and credit, to make your purchases.

Steps to follow:

Request the Tax Free receipt/invoice at the establishment where the purchase is made.


Digital stamp of the receipt/invoice by customs.


Take the digitally stamped invoice into any Crèdit Andorrà branch to be processed.

Agile management

We manage the recovery of taxes billed.

For everyone

Regardless of whether you are a customer of the bank

Includes the option of receiving the recovered tax in your current account, on your card or, where applicable, in cash.

* In Spain and, in some cases, depending on the brand, also in other EEC countries.