TPV Estàndard

The TPV Estàndard is your everyday physical POS. When connected to the internet, the device allows businesses to accept payments from their customers with debit and credit cards. Ideal for businesses and retailers open to the public.

How does it work?

It is a physical device that connects to the internet and links to the business’s bank account. Each time a sale is made, the amount is inputted on the POS and the payment is made using the customer’s card.


Increase your sales by making it easy for your customers to pay with the most common debit and credit cards.


It lets you carry out all kinds of card operations (sales, preauthorisations, returns, etc.)


Make cash management savings. Avoid cash discrepancies, coin and note exchanges...


Quick operations without call costs.


Accept contactless and mobile payments, like our Crèdit Wallet. 


You will be able to check and manage your operations from the same device, as well as through your online banking.


With total security for you and your customers.                                                       

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