The POS that moves with you.  Whenever you are in Andorra and you have a data connection via an SMS, you will be able to carry out payment operations with your customers. Ideal for professionals who provide home call-out services, taxi drivers, fairs, one-off events...

How does it work?

It is a physical POS with an incorporated SIM card. It allows you to take payments anywhere in Andorra, without needing to have a Wi-Fi connection.


In Andorra, wherever you want.                                                             


Increase your sales by making it easy for your customers to pay with debit and credit cards.


It lets you carry out all kinds of operations (sales, preauthorisations, returns, etc.)


Accept contactless and Crèdit Wallet payments. 


Quick operations without call costs.                                                  


Make cash management savings. Avoid cash discrepancies, coin and note exchanges...


You will be able to check and manage your operations from the device itself, as well as through your online banking.


With total security for you and your customers.

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