The POS that adapts to your computer system, streamlining sales. Ideal for businesses with many products or different payment terminals like supermarkets, department stores...

How does it work?

It is a software that adapts to the computer programs of every business. It comes with a small card reader. Every time you make a sale, the software updates your system and sends a signal to the POS so you can take the payment.


Accessible from any PC connected to the internet.


Because it adapts to your computer system, it manages stock after every sale.


It streamlines sales and avoids manual errors as it is not necessary to input the amounts into the device.


Accept contactless and mobile payments, like our Crèdit Wallet. 


You will be able to take payments with the same debit and credit cards as a conventional POS.


Make cash management savings. Avoid cash discrepancies, coin and note exchanges...


It lets you carry out all kinds of operations (sales, preauthorisations, returns, etc.)


Quick operations without call costs.


You will be able to check and manage your operations from the device itself and, if you have a business account, from your online banking, as well.


With total security for you and your customers.

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