The travel assistance guarantees the card’s titleholder health services and other coverage required as a consequence of illness or accident on journeys (travel outside Andorra or outside the titleholder’s usual country of residence).

  • Assistance for the card’s titleholder if they suffer an illness or accident on a journey outside Andorra, not over 90 days.
  • In order to benefit from this service, call tel. (+34) 934 858 516 when the incident occurs.
  • Expenses incurred on trips outside the country of nationality and/or of usual residence of the insured person: medical, surgical, hospitalisation expenses and/or expenses for medications prescribed by a doctor, up to a maximum per insured person of 7,000 euros (for Maestro, Visa Electron, Carnet Jove 16PUNT30 cards) and 10,000 euros (for Visa Classic, Visa Unicef, Mastercard Classic, Visa Premier and Visa Platinum cards).
  • Emergency dental costs when abroad (up to a maximum of 300 euros).
  • Repatriation and health service transport of injured and sick persons and of insured accompanying relatives.
  • Repatriation of the deceased and their insured accompanying relatives.
  • Advance of the amount of a bail bond abroad at the expense of the insured person in the event of imprisonment or prosecution as a result of a traffic accident, up to a maximum of 4,800 euros (for Maestro, Visa Electron and Carnet Jove 16PUNT30 cards) and 6,000 euros (for Visa Classic, Visa Unicef, Mastercard Classic, Visa Premier and Visa Platinum cards).
  • Essential expenses for delayed arrival of luggage: In the event that, on the outgoing journey, the arrival of the insured person’s checked luggage at the destination suffers a delay of over 24 hours, the insured person receives a maximum of 100 euros (for Maestro, Visa Electron and Carnet Jove 16PUNT30 cards), 150 euros (for Visa Classic, Visa Unicef, Mastercard Classic ) and 250 euros (for Visa Premier and Visa Platinum cards).
  • Robbery at the cash dispenser. The titleholder of a card who withdraws cash from a cash dispenser outside Andorra or outside their usual country of residence (not Andorra) and who has been the victim of a robbery (with loss of the money) is covered for a maximum of 2 hours after withdrawing the cash from the cash machine. This guarantee covers a maximum of 2 incidents a year. Amounts covered depending on the type of card:

                  - 600 euros: Visa Electron / Maestro / Visa Classic / Visa Unicef / Mastercard Classic
                  - 1,000 euros: Visa Premier / Visa Platinum

  • Sending money overseas: Visa Classic, Visa Unicef, Mastercard Classic, Visa Premier and Visa Platinum.
  • When the incident occurs, one must call the helpline (+34) 934 858 516 as soon as possible before making any payment or carrying out any administrative task. The insured party must identify themselves, giving the card number, where they are, a contact phone number and the kind of aid required.
  • If you are the victim of a robbery in a cash machine and the money you have just taken out is stolen, you need to call our helpline (+34 934 585 516)within a period of two hours. 
  • In the event of being robbed by pickpocketing of the withdrawn money and also the card at the cash point, one must also call the helpline (+376) 88 87 00 to communicate the theft and cancel the card.
  • Before making any payment it is necessary to have been given the relevant authorization from the insurer. The insured party must strictly follow the instructions received from the insurer (over the telephone).
  • Payment of compensation is made after the authorization mentioned in the previous point and after submitting the relevant proof of the reimbursements made. As regards medical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenditure, it is also necessary to submit the corresponding recognized medical certificate and medical bills.

Among others, these kinds of coverage do not cover injury or death caused by:

  • Suicide attempts.
  • Chronic illnesses prior to setting out on the trip.
  • The consumption of drugs or medicine without a prescription.
  • Competitions, training or trials and/or bets.
  • High risk sports or activities.