Urgent help

What to do if...


You need urgent help to resolve an unexpected situation concerning your finances.

I lost my card or it was stolen

Contact us as soon as possible to block or cancel the card by calling +376 88 88 88


You can also cancel it on e-Credit or the mobile App by accessing the “Security” option under “Cards


In the event of theft, remember to report it to the authorities as soon as possible.

I need to find a branch or ATM

If you need information about our branches or ATMs, access the branches section here.

My passwords or coordinates for the e-Credit online banking platform have been compromised

Change your password immediately. You can do this by calling your adviser, visiting your branch or logging in to your e-Credit account and going to the “Security” section found inside your personal area.

There are unknown transactions in my accounts

Call us on +376 88 88 88 or contact your adviser or branch as soon as possible.

I received a suspicious email or SMS

It may be a phishing attack, so remember:

Do not reply to the email or SMS with any personal or bank details

Call us on +376 88 88 88 so we can report the attempted fraud

Crèdit Andorrà will never ask you for your electronic banking passwords or coordinates