The Visa Infinite card offers you a new world of advantages for shopping and travel with all the help you need, allowing you to enjoy preferential treatment around the world.

A world of privileges

Discover a world of infinite possibilities.

Priority Pass

Unlimited access to more than 1,200 VIP lounges at airports all over the world. Enjoy with all kinds of amenities independently of the airline or class of ticket with which you are travelling.

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Visa Concierge Service

A service for arranging exclusive reservations anywhere in the world (restaurants, shows, events and leisure activities), 24 hours a day, and for arranging other special services (protocol, legal services, recommendations, etc.).

Global Customer Assistance Service

Emergency service for requesting cash or a duplicate card. This service will enable you to continue your trip normally.

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Visa Luxury Hotel Collection

Exclusive benefits at the world's most prestigious hotels. The hotels in this programme are carefully selected by Visa and inspected each year to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and service.

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Travel assistance and life insurance with supplemental accident insurance

The Visa Infinite card offers the most comprehensive life insurance cover with supplemental accident insurance and travel assistance on the market.

Daily and monthly limits

The Visa Infinite card is the most exclusive on the market. It has generous daily and monthly limits.

Maximum security

This card includes protection against fraudulent use and:

Chip technology

Advanced chip technology to minimize the risk of fraud and forgery.

SMSCrèdit Anti-Fraud Alerts

Free service to reduce the risk of fraud and forgery.


The contactless payment system allows you to save time when making your payments with total security.

Credit Wallet

With the Visa Infinite card from Crèdit Andorrà, you can also pay with your mobile.

  • Download the Credit Wallet app for Android.
  • Access your e-Credit account details.
  • Unlock your phone and take it to the POS (the terminal must have the Contactless payment option).
Fast. Easy. Secure.
Useful phone numbers
  • Loss or theft of your card: + 376 888 700             
  • Concierge service: + 376 888 050                         
  • Travel assistance: +34 934 858 516              
Approval for this card is subject to the bank's risk criteria.