Give your support to freed child soldiers in the Central African Republic with Crèdit Andorrà’s Visa Unicef credit card.

For more information, visit the official UNICEF website by clicking here.

  • Crèdit Andorrà allocates an annual contribution to the fight against the use of child soldiers by armed groups, in addition to 50% of earnings from the fees charged for using the card.
  • Donation: The Visa UNICEF card includes a minimum contribution of 30 euros. With this donation you are contributing to the project to release child soldiers from armed groups, helping to provide food, health and social care in temporary shelters, socio-economic aid and educational support for their reintegration into their communities.
  • Deferred payment at the end of the month.
  • Card with a built-in chip to reduce the chances of fraud and falsification.
  • You have a daily limit of 1,500 euros and a monthly limit of 3,000 euros by default (can be modified depending on your needs).
  • For an annual amount of 50 euros, in addition to the services described above, you will also enjoy the most comprehensive insurance coverage on the market: life insurance with supplemental accident and travel assistance cover.
  • Security. Our cards include protection against fraudulent use.
  • Credit Wallet: pay with your mobile phone in any establishment. You only need an Android device with the Credit Wallet application installed.

Approval for this card is subject to the bank's risk criteria. 

  • Free antifraud SMSCrèdit alert service (you will receive an alert on your mobile phone every time a payment of over €60 is made with your card).
  • Deposit cash (coins and notes) at any time of the day in the cash deposit machines at our branches or our 24 h ATMs. The deposit is credited automatically to your account just as it would be if the money had been deposited in a conventional branch.
  • A wide range of attractive discounts.
  • A 2% discount on fuel and consumer items purchased in participating stores within the network of CEPSA, ELF and REPSOL petrol stations in Andorra.
  • 10% discount on ski passes, from 2 to 7 days at Grandvalira and at Pal Arinsal. Only when bought at the resort ticket office.
  • A 15% discount on all activities in the Naturland park.
  • 10% discount on bicycle hire from Cicland.

Contactless payment system that allows you to save time in your purchases and, moreover, offers you more convenience and security, since you do not need to give your card to the salesperson at the moment of making the purchase.

Its operation is convenient and fast: firstly, the amount of the transaction is typed on the contactless POS. Next, the client brings the contactless card close to the terminal and, automatically, the payment is executed and a copy of the operation is printed. In case the amount is higher than 20 euros, an additional step is added for security purposes: after bringing the card close to the POS, the client will have to type the secret PIN number in order to validate the transaction.