This is an insurance policy for foreigners who wish to obtain passive residency in Andorra and thereby prove that they have cover for illness and disability, in accordance with the requirement set down in Article 3 of the implementing regulations of the Passive Residency Act (BOPA no. 32/1997), or Andorran residents registered with the Andorran Social Security System (CASS) who do not wish to be dependent on the CASS.


The purpose of this insurance policy for the reimbursement of medical expenses in the Principality of Andorra, worldwide reimbursement coverage, access to a large medical directory in Spain and assistance in world travel.


To take out this insurance policy, it is not necessary to be insured by the CASS.

Extensive cover for:
  • Medical expenses:

    • Reimbursement in Andorra up to 100% of the bill

    • Reimbursement worldwide:

      • In Spain: up to 80% of the bill

      • Other countries: up to 90% of the bill

  • Pharmacy expenses:

    • In Andorra: up to 75% of the bill

    • Outside Andorra: up to 50% of the bill up to €150 per year

Notifications service

The policy includes this free service that informs the client, via SMS or email, each time a reimbursement is made on their insurance policy.

Travel assistance
  • For temporary travel abroad, the policy includes worldwide travel assistance cover up to a maximum of €15,000 per insured person per year.

  • The time spent outside Andorra must not exceed 90 days per trip.

  • To benefit from any of the travel assistance compensation, you must always call +34 91 595 50 49.


Medical directory

The policy includes access to a medical directory with coverage throughout Spain and over 45,000 professionals and 13,000 medical centres, including centres such as Teknon, Quiron, Dexeus and others.

Health Card – Medical Directory:

  • The insured person will have a personal and non-transferable card with which they will be able to access a wide range of medical professionals and centres in the medical directory.

  • This card offers the insured person the convenience of not having to pay anything upfront.

  • For treatments, diagnostic tests, operations and hospitalisations, it is necessary to request authorisation by telephone in advance: +34 91 590 96 44.


More information about the medical directory and the centres and professionals available. 

  • The maximum age for joining the policy is 65.
  • Annual reimbursement limit of €240,000 per insured person.
  • In the event of the death of the insured person (between 18 and 65 years of age), the beneficiaries receive compensation of between €6,000 and €30,000. Possibility of contracting disability coverage in the same policy with the same insured capital.
  • According to policy conditions.
Waiting period

Reimbursement cover:

  • 6 months for surgical operations or hospitalisation, medical fees for hospitalisation, prostheses and surgical implants.

  • 10 months for hospitalisation and admission for assistance for births/ caesarean sections.

  • 12 months for hospitalisation and medical fees for transplants.

  • There is no waiting period, in the event of a life threatening accident or illness covered by the policy.


Medical Directory Cover:

  • 6 months for surgical operations or hospitalisation, family planning, oncological and cardiovascular treatments, lithotripsy and dialysis.

  • 10 months for hospitalisation and admission for assistance for births/ caesarean sections.

  • 24 months for assisted reproduction.

Product contracted with CA Vida Assegurances, SA.